Cultivating a
curious & caring world

Let's bring out the best in us.

Isn’t it just remarkable?

Through human ingenuity we created a global village where we can fly the skies, live long lives in good health, and communicate with loved ones all across the globe. Yet – let’s face it – its design has also created some serious social and ecological challenges.

How I spend my days in our village?

Helping to cultivating one that brings out the best in us.

One where we – and our systems – work in service of our greater well-being.
One that amplifies curiosity, creativity and care.
One where we help one another grow.

What I do

Co-founder of Prototype You

Life is short enough as it is and work makes up a big chunk of it. It shouldn’t be a cause of illness or talent going to waste. Let’s work together to make sure that people come out of work with more energy than when they started. That’s why at Prototype You we help employees experiment towards their ideal work experience. Spoiler alert… it’s a win-win! When people feel good, organisations perform better.

Innovator towards a well-being society

Driving infinite economic growth and consumption in a world of finite physical resources has turned out to be a flawed idea. I am passionate about moving the needle towards a society that optimises well-being over wealth. Current innovation funnels often still hold on to the outdated model of infinite economic growth. I help develop innovation funnels that produce solutions with a net positive impact on society.

Ambassador of open thinking

In a world that amplifies divisive black-and-white thinking, I champion open minded exploration, understanding and nuance. When we stop listening, we stop learning. When we stop talking, our society crumbles. I advocate an inclusive and expansive space where ideas can freely emerge, clash and mature. Democracy and our 21st century challenges require nothing less. From time to time I add perspectives to that space, hoping to learn myself and inspire people to see our world in new ways.


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