From work-life balance to work-life harmony

How about we get rid of the term work-life balance?

It implies that work and life are somehow two separate silos that need to balanced out. Simply put, work is assumed to drain your batteries whereas life is there to recharge them.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Work can be so much more. It’s an integral part to life that has the power to enrich our lives, working in service of our personal well-being.

Rather than treating work and life as separate silos that need to be balanced out, let’s seamlessly integrate work into our lives in a way that positively contributes to our personal vision of what makes life worth living.

How and to what extent work can positively impact a fulfilling life, can be different for every human being. For some work plays a pivotal role, for others it’s less important compared to other themes in life.

Yet – whether work has a big or small influence – let’s get rid of the idea that work cannot enrich our lives, and move from work-life balance to work-life harmony.

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