What are you helping to bring into existence?

If you are fortunate enough to choose, choosing your career is one of the most impactful moral decisions of your life. On average, we work a third of our lives. That’s a lot of time to do good or do harm. Where you work and what you do makes a real difference. When you work […]

Life is not a sprint. It’s not a marathon either.

“Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon”, I often read lately. While well-intentioned, do we really aspire life to be like a marathon? The last 10K can be brutal. You can go from euphoria to despair in seconds. You can’t think straight. Everything hurts. Surely, that’s not what we want life to be. Instead, […]

The future of design

I know of two industries where we’ve started to refer to humans as users: software and drugs. It tells you a lot about user-centric design these days. Starting with good intentions, user-centric design has morphed into something that leverages the understanding of human psychology to make us addicted to (software) solutions. It has reduced humans […]