Don’t give up and know when you need to

“Never give up” feels like only half part of an advice.

Yes, grit and perseverance will get you far, but not everywhere. Regardless of the effort and dedication, sometimes a dream just isn’t meant to be. A business that’s not taking off. A relationship that doesn’t work. An athletic or artistic performance that’s out of reach.

Give up too soon, and you’ll end up with a wasteland of unnecessarily broken dreams.

Give up too late, and your dreams turn into unhealthy obsessions.

It’s a delicate balance. One that’s always changing. As we age, our world changes, we change, and our dreams change with us.

Pursuing a dream from the past, means saying no to dreams that are very much alive.

It can be a courageous act to move on from a long cherished dream, when it’s out of reach or no longer yours. Giving up on an old dream, makes space for a new one.

Let’s get rid of the notion that moving on from a dream equals failing. Instead, let’s cultivate and celebrate the right balance, between when to persevere, and when to move on. Master that skill, And you’re promised an engaging life.

Don’t give up. Know when you need to.

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