When you are you most creative?

When are you most creative?

It’s a question I often ask a group of employees. Some of the answers I usually receive?

I am most creative when I I am taking a shower, running, cycling, walking (in a park, forest, or along the seashore), playing a game with friends, having a drink (but not too many), happy, well rested.

Now guess how many people enthusiastically answered ‘at the office!’?

Spoiler alert: zero.

I often wonder. If creativity within organisations is really as important as is often said, why do many organisations still insist on forcing creativity in the office?Why do a lot of managers still feel that walking and cycling are activities that employees should simply do on their own time?

If certain activities lead to better ideas and decisions within the organisation, then supporting those valuable and smart ways of working should be a no-brainer.

Organisations and managers that don’t, are missing out on a lot of value.

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