When you are you most creative?

When are you most creative? It’s a question I often ask a group of employees. Some of the answers I usually receive? I am most creative when I I am taking a shower, running, cycling, walking (in a park, forest, or along the seashore), playing a game with friends, having a drink (but not too […]

Stop trying to make things perfect

Stop trying to make things perfect. It will hurt your chances of success. How? Doing so slows you down, potentially making your work obsolete when you finally release it in the real world. The time you spend getting things perfect, is time wasted on other work that could’ve delivered more value. Also, if you get […]

Make life thrive

Does the business principle ‘do no harm’ set the bar too low in organisations? It implies that it is already good enough if business practices don’t hurt people or the planet. Leaving aside for a moment whether organisations actually achieve to do no harm, shouldn’t that be the bare minimum? Imagine holding ourselves to the […]

Stories vs reality

I love a good story about extraordinary people, successful businesses, or impactful innovations. However, they don’t always give a fair reflection of our reality. Many stories are told in a way that success was achieved by perfectly executing an unmatched vision. However, those stories are mostly created after the fact with a good dose of […]


I’m still not sure how to feel about the term ‘degrowth’. Sometimes the term feels good because it doesn’t sugarcoat the challenge we face. Other times it feels like an unfortunate choice. Degrowth is often negatively perceived as or associated with regression, while in fact it is to achieve the exact opposite. In the end […]

Keep doing the right things

Just a reminder that you can do all the right things, and still feel bad. Keep taking good care of yourself. Recharge with others or in your own company. Talk with family, friends or a therapist. Eat healthy. Sleep plenty. Walk. Exercise. Play. Things will get better. That doesn’t mean you won’t have bad days. […]

Don’t give up and know when you need to

“Never give up” feels like only half part of an advice. Yes, grit and perseverance will get you far, but not everywhere. Regardless of the effort and dedication, sometimes a dream just isn’t meant to be. A business that’s not taking off. A relationship that doesn’t work. An athletic or artistic performance that’s out of […]